What You Should Be Doing With Your Chopsticks At A Chinese Restaurant


Aronson’s video shows her in a restaurant, preparing her pack of disposable, wooden chopsticks for the food. She begins by simply opening them and striking the chopsticks against each other several times – “to get rid of the splints…to get it clean.” Aronson then demonstrates how to fold the paper wrapper into a tight triangle to prop the chopsticks against so that the end you put in your mouth doesn’t have to rest on the unfamiliar table, and concludes by demonstrating proper chopstick usage, resting the bottom chopstick against your thumb so it doesn’t move.

The comments section loved the video with numerous users appreciating the tips. One comment that did arise frequently, however, regarded the cleaning of the chopsticks at the beginning. User Squishy milk man said “I was always told cleaning chopsticks was disrespectful,” a sentiment echoed throughout the comments. Rubbing chopsticks together is socially acceptable Chinese chopstick etiquette, but according to Japanese chopstick etiquette, cleaning chopsticks is considered a sign of disrespect as it implies your host gave you cheap utensils.


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