Was Amber Heard seen with a “mega pint” of red wine after defamation trial? 


A viral picture of Amber Heard having lunch with a “mega pint” of red wine, that had recently surfaced on the internet was revealed to be fake.

The image was created by YouTuber, Classify, who later posted a video on his channel describing the entire process about how he successfully fooled the entire world with his well-planned trick.

The term ‘mega pint’ was initially used by Amber Heard’s lawyer during the defamation trial. In reference to a video, Heard’s attorney had asked Depp if he had poured himself a “mega pint of red wine” and was drunk at the time the video was recorded.

Who was the Amber Heard lookalike used for fabricating the viral picture?

In the video, Classify shared that he had started the project by looking for an Amber Heard lookalike who would pose for the picture. After scouring the internet, the YouTuber found actress Kseniia Dubovitz, who agreed to the project because she thought it was a funny idea.

He flew her to Los Angeles where she was given a complete makeover, so that she looked exactly like Heard. Classify even made one of his friends pose as her bodyguard.

The creator asked his friend FaZe Blaze to post the photo on Twitter, claiming that he had seen Amber Heard having a large glass of wine.

Crazy LA moment.. My girl and I bumped into Amber Heard at lunch https://t.co/xfbgfimXFo

The Tweet started attracting attention as soon as it was posted. It was further retweeted by influencer Keemstar, who brought even more clout to it.

Within 8 hours, the image had already gone viral, raking in about 50 thousand likes.

The disguise was convincing enough to fool tourists, who called out to Heard. Even rapper Bobby Shmurda took a few pictures with the actress. However, the video did not clarify if he was told the truth.

Where did the “mega pint of red wine” meme originate?

The term was first used by Amber Heard’s lawyer to describe a large glass of wine. On April 21, Heard’s lawyers provided a video recorded by the actress.

In the video, Depp was seen yelling, cursing and slamming cabinet doors. Later the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was seen pouring himself a big glass of wine, before realising that he was being recorded, which is when he tried to grab the camera and stop it.

After the video ended, Heard’s lawyers asked Depp if he was drunk in the video, to which the actor replied:

“There’s a possibility of that.”

The attorney then asked:

You poured yourself a mega pint of red wine, correct?”

Listening to the question, Depp repeated the term, which insinuated giggles in the court, and replied:

“I poured myself a large glass of wine. I thought it necessary”

The term went viral right after the video was released on YouTube, with numerous memes created on it. The original video uploaded on the Law&Crime Network YouTube channel had collected over 9 million views at the time of writing this article.


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