This new Peninsula restaurant is all about hand-pulled noodles


Springy al dente noodles pulled by hand and served with a nourishing beef broth are the specialty at Ox 9, a new Lanzhou noodle shop in San Mateo.

The restaurant quietly opened last weekend at 11 S. B St., at the edge of downtown San Mateo near the Caltrain station.

Ox 9 appears to be the first restaurant on the Peninsula and one of only a handful in the Bay Area dedicated to this style of fresh, hand-pulled noodles from northwestern China. The same owners operate the Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles restaurants further south, in Milpitas and Cupertino.

At Ox 9, the noodle-making process is on display like a mesmerizing theatrical act. From behind a glass window, customers can watch employees roll dough into chubby cylinders and then deftly stretch the noodles into existence. They drop the noodles into boiling water to cook for no longer than 30 seconds. Staff need to spend at least a decade learning to make the noodles, said owner Nina Qu, to become intimately familiar with the proper proportions, temperature and ingredients.

Customers can customize noodle dishes from six shapes and widths: from smaller round noodles similar to ramen to thick, pappardelle-esque flat noodles.


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