These Spiced, Marinated Yogurt Balls Are Perfect for Snacking


Just when you might have run out of ideas for something to toothpick alongside a drink, here comes Pariva: yogurt in a munchable format. Manjarrie Saha, a native of Kolkata who came to the United States to study and had a career in financial services, has introduced yogurt balls soaked in seasoned oil. She started making them in Boston in 2019, calling them YogiBalls but renamed them with a word derived from the Hindi word for transformation (Parivartan). Pariva are tasty and come with tandoori seasoning, za’atar and, my favorite, rosemary and garlic. Serve them as is or spread them on crackers, on cucumber slices, afloat in a cold soup or in salads. Stuff cherry tomatoes or figs with them. The flavored oils they leave behind can be put to use in salads and so forth.

Pariva, $12.98 for eight ounces,; they are also sold at Whole Foods in New England.

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