The Classic Ingredient Jacques Pépin Adds To Pork Tenderloin


Jacques Pépin said, “Pork tenderloin is succulent, flavorful, and lean, delicious roasted whole or cut crosswise into medallions and sautéed,” according to KQED, adding, “I accompany it with a sweet-sour sauce similar to what I would serve with venison, with pomegranate juice and chicken stock thickened with a little ketchup.” No, that wasn’t a typo. Pépin says that he uses ketchup in his pork tenderloin recipe.

Before getting started, the chef recommends trimming most of the fat from the pork, silver skinning the pork, and cutting it crosswise into one-inch-thick medallions. To make the sauce, Pépin simply combines the ingredients and cooks it down until it has reached a luxurious, smooth consistency.

While using ketchup to make a fancy sauce may surprise you, it isn’t the only time Pépin does so. According to Food & Wine, the chef also uses the condiment to make a quick and easy glaze for seared chicken liver. The outlet explains ketchup is a simple way to add a pleasant zip to a variety of saucy dishes: from bbq to coleslaw to glazed meatballs.


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