Premiere Screening Event for The Great Minnesota Recipe’s Final Episode


DULUTH, Minn. – A premiere screening for WDSE’S final episode of The Great Minnesota Recipe took place Tuesday at Clyde Iron Works.

In the last three weeks, the first three episodes of The Great Minnesota Recipe aired, with each episode focusing on a different cook in Minnesota all coming from unique cultural backgrounds.

At Tuesday’s event, hosts and cooks from the show were in attendance and guests were able to sample dishes from the final episode. The final episode is a competition between all three cooks who make their own take on a Minnesota classic, the hot dish.

“Nobody at the station before had done anything really so large. This was a really humungous undertaking to kind of make our own local version of a great British baking show and everyone was really excited and the support that we’ve got from the community and that we’ve heard from people who’ve watched the episodes has just been amazing,” WDSE•WRPT Director of Content, Ashlee Smith says.

The final episode of The Great Minnesota Recipe will appear on broadcast and YouTube this Thursday at 7 PM.


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