People Are Sharing Their Household’s Most Disgusting Crime Against Food


We’ve all probably witnessed a crime against food. Heck, we’ve all probably been guilty of one, regardless of how unforgivable or laughable it might be. I, for one, make tuna fish with literally whatever is in my fridge — ketchup, mustard, pickle juice, even sliced grapes. I have no shame!


So I couldn’t stop reading when Redditor u/Iapoties asked, “What is considered a crime against food?” Here’s what people said.

1.“I once watched a guy order a $190 Tomahawk Rib Eye at a restaurant, cooked medium well (which is almost a crime right there), and then ask for a bottle of A1 steak sauce. He slathered this gorgeous steak in that heinous sauce. That’s a crime as far as I’m concerned. There was a $30 sirloin on the menu. If you want to ruin a steak, you might as well order that.”



2.“Putting gold flakes or adding any sort of gold to food. It adds no extra flavor or texture. It’s simply there for show.”


3.“My younger sister used to eat pancakes with ranch dressing. My mom just accepted it because she was such a picky eater, and this was something she just thoroughly enjoyed.”



4.“Purposely not seasoning your food. It amazes me how many people do this. When I first started dating my now-wife, she was one of these people. The first time she cooked for me she made chicken breast, and it was so bad. It looked like a pale slab sitting on a plate. She has gotten much better now, but there are so many people who go through life just robbing their taste buds of flavor.”


5.“My ex-wife used to boil ribs so they tasted mushy, then she’d get offended when I took over the rib-cooking responsibilities and made them in a smoker. No one should have to eat boiled ribs.”



6.“Overcooking fish, especially salmon. I don’t order fish at restaurants because it usually comes served the way most people expect it — overcooked and dry.”


7.“Using ketchup as a base for pizza or pasta sauce.”

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8.“Microwaving ice cream…not to melt it slightly and make it easier to scoop, but rather to make full on ice cream bisque.”


9.“I’m a waiter, and I once witnessed a woman order salmon with a slice of American cheese on top. I had to ask her to repeat herself because her request wasn’t computing in my brain.”

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10.“Whenever my mom makes chili mac or beef stew she adds a very large dollop of mayonnaise on top. I never thought this was strange until I made chili mac for my husband. He thought I lost my mind when I asked him if he wanted mayonnaise on it.”


11.“The gelatin-in-everything trend from the ’50s. Got some leftovers? Put it in jello! Fold in some mayonnaise so it’s slightly opaque! Just open up whatever canned food you have in the house like pineapple, corn, and olives, and layer them all into a mold shaped like a fish.”



12.“Overcooking seafood like calamari until it’s chewy. What a waste of expensive ingredients.”


13.“I know quite a few people that enjoy iced coffee and lemonade together. Sounds like a crime against beverages to me.”

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14.“I grew up with a mother who put butter and white sugar on rice. I made my rice the same way for a while because I learned by example, but now I realize it’s a totally bananas thing to do. My mom is one of those people who loves sweet things, and anything that isn’t already sweet can be improved by adding more sugar. Savory doesn’t exist in her house at all.”


15.“My wife likes to make crunchy peanut butter and bologna sandwiches with cheese. Sometimes she even adds mayo. I just can’t bring myself to try it. I could start retching just at the thought of how it tastes.”



16.“I used to live with a roommate, and every time a bottle of sauce was about 2/3 empty, he would fill it up with water and shake it before to ‘get his money’s worth.’ I thought it was absolutely disgusting.


17.“Using a doughnut as a hamburger bun. I’ve seen it. Good God, people.”



18.“My roommate puts apple sauce on anything. Tacos, fish, spaghetti, steak, burgers, you name it and he will put it into a bowl of apple sauce. It’s horrifying.”


19.“I’m a waitress so I’ve seen it all and I hardly ever judge. But this one time, I took an order that started out simple: Three eggs, soft scramble. Add spinach and goat cheese. Add fresh strawberries. Scrambled. In the eggs. They turned this grey brown color…and you bet the customer ate every bite.”

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20.“My coworker eats a ton of ketchup with pizza. Even though it’s a tomato-based sauce, it’s still shocking to see that much ketchup eaten with pizza. We’re talking a full dip before every bite.”


21.“A friend of mine used to take two Pop Tarts and a chicken patty and make a sandwich out of them. True story.”



22.“One day I saw one of my coworkers open an Oreo, scrape the cream into the freaking garbage, and eat only the cookies. Apparently it’s ‘too sweet’ for her. I almost called 911. A part of me died inside that day, knowing such behavior exists.”


23.“My little brother eats mayonnaise sandwiches. Sandwiches filled with nothing but mayonnaise. Sometimes he adds goldfish or blueberry Greek yogurt to the sandwich… because he is something else.”



24.“My sister eats green bell peppers filled with whipped cream. She’s been doing it since she was seven years old, and I have insisted from the very beginning that it’s gross and wrong. I tried it recently just to say I have, and it’s just as gross as you might imagine — like you’re having salad and dessert at the same time.”


25.And finally, “Biting into a Kit Kat without separating the two candy bars.”



So, what’s a food “sin” you’re guilty of or one you’ve seen another person commit? Tell us in the comments below.


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