Panasonic HomeChef Microwave Review


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Shopping for appliances presents no shortage of options these days. Whether you’re on the hunt for a fridge with a built-in coffee maker (yes, this really does exist!), a combination mop-vacuum, or a dishwasher you can control from your smartphone, the world is your oyster when it comes to state-of-the-art, innovative home appliances. Even the residential microwave is getting a major facelift.

I’ve upgraded many of my kitchen gadgets and appliances in recent years, including my college-era, low-wattage microwave, which barely got my food above room temperature after minutes of spinning round and round. Not only did the well-worn appliance obviously need to go into retirement, but I was also on the hunt for a microwave that could deliver incredible technology, versatility, and design that comes with many of today’s best-selling kitchen appliances.

While there is no shortage of microwaves out there one could choose from, if you’re like me and want to upgrade your one-trick-pony to a must-have tool that can do the job of multiple appliances, I recommend the Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven. Not only does the insanely well-reviewed—over 70 percent five stars reviews on Amazon—stainless-steel microwave heat up food in a snap, but it also functions as an oven, air fryer, and broiler.

Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven

Of course, when I first tested out the 4-in-1 microwave, it was to see how quickly and efficiently it could heat my food, and no surprise, the appliance cuts down cook time if you’re hoping to reheat last night’s spaghetti, pop a bag of butter-laden popcorn, or revive your lukewarm coffee from this morning. You don’t even have to enter a set time to work the microwave either.

In fact, all you have to do is pop your provisions in the microwave and press start, and the microwave automatically detects how long your food needs to heat, and the results are always on point. How does this microwave work its auto-detect magic, you ask? Well, the Panasonic microwave uses a sensor that monitors the steam level in the device and adjusts your cook time accordingly. The microwave’s inverter technology will also defrost food as well, if you’re like me and forget all too often to defrost your ingredients the day before you make a dish.

If you reach for an air fryer several nights a week to create crispy, fried-like cuisine, you’ll definitely be using this appliance around the clock. Whether it’s making savory oven fries, tender, spicy chicken wings, Mom’s meatloaf, or even hard-boiled eggs, you won’t regret trying out countless air fryer recipes with this microwave. I’ve even made some rather succulent and crispy fried chicken in this appliance. The Panasonic microwave comes with an air fryer basket, wire rack, and enamel tray for optimal air-frying results.

What might be most surprising about the Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave is the fact that you can also use it as a convection bake oven. With temps that start at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and reach up to 425 degrees, you can bake homemade chocolate cookies or even roast a whole chicken—yes, there’s enough room in the interior to do so—in this alternative oven. I’ve opted to use my microwave instead of my oven quite a bit lately, as the microwave seems to have a better command of cooking my cuisine on time.

The 4-in-1 microwave also has a FlashXPress broil setting that gives your meals a crispy, grill-like effect that’ll save you generous time and effort. I’ve used it to cook proteins or toast some bread in a jiff. It’s just another incredible use I get out of this super-inventive Panasonic microwave, which has become the go-to appliance in my home. And while my trusty microwave is currently sitting pretty on my kitchen countertop, I’m making plans to mount it in my kitchen soon with Panasonic’s Trim Kit. After all, with a microwave that does so much, why make things official and carve out a space for it in my home?

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