Nigella Lawson reveals controversial Marmite Spaghetti has Italian roots


A dish as ‘love it or hate it’ as its main ingredient, Nigella Lawson‘s Spaghetti with Marmite is a controversial dish that divides pasta lovers. The super simple and easy dish is a staple speedy dinner for many, but for some the whole concept of Marmite with pasta is all wrong.

Well Nigella just shared it as her Recipe of the Day and revealed on Instagram that in fact, this is not a crime against pasta, and the recipe actually has Italian roots.

Writing in the caption the chef told fans and followers: “#RecipeOfTheDay is Spaghetti with Marmite! And Italians, before you shudder, I must tell you that Spaghetti with Marmite came to me via the meravigiosa food writer Anna del Conte!”

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Explaining further on the full recipe on her site, Nigella continued; “I came across this recipe in Anna Del Conte’s memoirs, Risotto with Nettles. Now, there are so many recipes I could borrow from her, and many I have, but this is the one I have to show you here. She introduces it as hardly a recipe, but I wanted to include it because I haven’t as yet found a child who doesn’t like it.”

Further backing up the dishes Italian credentials, Nigella shared its relation to a traditional pasta dish from the country: “I know the combination of pasta and Marmite sounds odd to the point of unfeasibility, but wait a moment, there is a traditional day-after-the-roast pasta dish, in which spaghetti is tossed in stock – If you think about it, Marmite offers saltiness and savouriness the way a stock cube might. I’m glad this recipe is here, and I thank Anna for it.”

If you’re already a fan of the dish and are looking to switch it up, Nigella has put a little twist on the four ingredient dinner, made with just spaghetti, butter, Marmite and parmesan.

The star is a big fan of Marmite’s new posh sibling, writing; “Use more butter, Marmite and cheese as wished, of course. And, obviously, you can use Vegemite, too. I actually am in possession of a jar of the Truffle @marmite , which I can now tell you is rather fab here!”

Sounds dreamy!

Nigella’s Recipe

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