Nashville food truck showcases more than french fries, and nachos


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – It took a while, but Nashville’s James Littleton is one step closer to being a full-time chef.

Littleton doesn’t have the building yet, but he does have the food. His food truck roams around Nashville most every day.

When you call yourself a cook, it’s hard to forget your first smoke-filled kitchen.

“When I first started cooking, man, it was at KFC. Otherwise, I was just cooking around the house,” Littleton said.

Littleton cooks around Nashville from a tan food truck. Chips and french fries with the works create meals from the Bag Lady’s Chips and Fry Company.

“I specialize in french fries,” Littleton said. “Oh, they’re good meat of your choice, chicken, beef. They are loaded.”

Inspired by his veggie-loving grandmother, who always believed he’d do something.

“She’d definitely be proud of us,” Littleton said.

Proud that the greens and reds always show up in their most decadent dishes.

Next and Coming soon to Buchanan street in North Nashville a building and sit-down restaurant. Littleton is 38 years old, and the dream didn’t happen overnight, but most don’t.

“We did that, man. We struggled, we did Door Dash, Uber took awhile to get to our spot,” Littleton said.

To find out where the Bag Lady’s Chips and Fry Company is today, click here. And to see their menu, click here.

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