Healthy lettuce wrap recipe is filled with creamy turkey salad


Turkey lettuce wraps come together in a snap.

It’s a new day with a new way for sandwiches. More nutritious and more creative, lettuce wraps can be a great substitute for cutting the calories, carbohydrates and sodium found in bread.

Choose sturdy greens for the best results in holding and wrapping ingredients like creamy chicken or turkey salad. Greens options such as bibb, romaine or little gem lettuces work well. Some whole leaf lettuces will also work in wrapping or holding ingredients.

Six ways to lettuce wrap success.

1. Select your protein: If you don’t have cooked turkey as listed in our recipe for Turkey Salad Wraps, leftover chicken works just as well. And if you’re into tofu, leftovers involving this healthy protein can also work in a wrap.

Still looking for a quick protein? Open a couple cans of tuna, drain, rinse and add it to the salad ingredients.


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