French food products more expensive than in the rest of the EU


French food products in supermarkets are on average 15% more expensive than in the rest of the European Union, according to a survey reported by French TV TF1. A price gap justified by the quality of the products and the cost of labor in France.

A reason which pushes some French consumers near Germany to do their shopping on the other side of the border. “It is much cheaper, so it is really worth it.” For fruit and vegetables, there is a difference of 27%.

“It is obvious that Germany has more hard discount stores than France, which is the country of hypermarkets. The choice is much wider in France, with some 20,000 references in hypermarkets, while hard discount stores in Germany only count 1,000 to 1,500 references,” explains Yves Puget, director of LSA.

Besides the wider choice, the labor costs, which are much higher in France, are also reflected in the products’ final price.



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