Fortune House Chinese restaurant on Miracle Mile victim of smash-and-grab robbery


Security video captured at least four men involved in a snatch-and-grab robbery Tuesday night at Fortune House restaurant along the Miracle Mile. 

Suspects caught on camera grabbing a cash register before fleeing the Miracle Mile restaurant. 

Fortune House

The robbery happened at around 9 p.m. while the restaurant was full of customers. Wearing hoodies and masks, the suspects made off with a couple of cash registers.

An employee of the restaurant was also pushed around during the tussle. 

“Oh, my God, whoa. Yeah, just completely destroying everything,” said Silva Kolstad as she watched video of the incident. 

Kolstad, who lives on the Miracle Mile, said she eats at the neighborhood Chinese restaurant about once week. 

“It’s scary to know know that things are happening in a restaurant we love and a neighborhood that we enjoy.”

The security video captures Fortune House customers stunned at what was happening. Pamela Clay was among them. 

“And then you’re looking to see if they have weapons. You just want to make sure, because there were other people there, if you’re going to be safe,” Clay said. 

Detectives said the suspects, one of whom wore a yellow hoodie while the other three were in dark colored sweatshirts, initially came in pretending to have ordered takeout. 

They didn’t say a word before before grabbing the cash registers and leaving. No one was injured during the robbery. 

Fortune House management shared the video with CBSLA, but declined to be interviewed. 

Longtime customers said they enjoy the food at Fortune House, it’s the kind staff that keeps them coming back. 

“I think it’s just tragic. I don’t think anybody should be in fear of where they’re working having things like that happening. If they had guns or whatnot , it could’ve been so much worse,” Kolstad said. 

After viewing the security video closely, police said they did not believe these were the same thieves involved in a smash-and-grab at Luxury Jewels Beverly Hills on Tuesday. 


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