Flavors, when it’s coming, where to buy


Browndog Creamery owners Brian Scherle (L) and Paul Gabriel with chief sales and marketing officer.

Tricycles and Faygo Red Pop ice cream, anyone? You can almost hear the famous Faygo Boat song when you eat this new ice cream.

A popular local ice cream spot has introduced six Faygo ice cream flavors with some delicious twists.

Browndog Barlor & Restaurant, known for its small-batch ice cream and boozy milkshakes, has teamed up with the makers of Faygo pop to create the new flavors.

Browndog, with locations in Farmington and downtown Northville, unveiled the new Faygo flavors with an ice cream base that tastes just like the Detroit-born pop Monday evening at its Northville location.

The idea for the Faygo ice cream came about with the pandemic when the restaurant was doing to-go orders, said Greg Richards, Browndog Barlor and Browndog Creamery’s chief sales and marketing officer.


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