Draymond Green stops for ice cream halfway through Warriors parade


Like most of his teammates, Draymond Green jumped off his designated bus during the Warriors’ victory parade down Market Street and interacted with the joyous crowd. But Green was the only Warrior who suddenly took a break from greeting fans to go buy ice cream.

With Green’s security detail clearing the way — pushing away the barriers on the street and shielding away the stunned spectators — the veteran forward entered the Ghirardelli store at New Montgomery Street and told a laughing cashier, “I just need some ice cream… And a mint bliss!”

Someone accompanying Green handed the cashier a $20 bill and said to keep the change. Green seemed amused by his own antics as he waited for his ice cream.

“Oakland woulda never done this,” he said with a laugh, covered in champagne that fans had poured on him.

While in the shop he fielded a few questions, including how this championship win was different from his previous three with the Warriors. “Much sweeter, because it’s a big f— you to everyone,” he replied.

Warriors’ Draymond Green took a quick detour during the NBA Championship parade in San Francisco to order some ice cream. Video: Ethan Swope

After Green got his sundae, he took one giant bite and handed it off to someone in his entourage, nodding and giving a thumbs up before heading back outside where he hung out with the fans more, blowing kisses to the crowd, before eventually resuming the parade.

The ice cream stop was just one moment in a mischievous day for Green. He began his remarks during a pre-parade event in front of team employees and sponsors by saying, “I am just trying to think of the most controversial thing I can say.” He promised to continue his strong social media presence and on live local TV concluded by thanking his teammates and adding “as always, F—- everybody else.”

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