Chinese influence on global cuisines; where to find dishes, Milwaukee


The classic Peruvian dish lomo saltado, like this version from C-viche restaurant in Bay View, essentially is a Chinese stir-fry.

Adapting world cuisine to local taste buds feels like a modern way to cook, but it’s as old as immigration (and boredom with cooking the same old thing). It’s found wherever people landed to find work.

Take Chinese cuisine, for example.

Chinese laborers settling along the west coast of Mexico left their stamp in dishes such as fish zarandeado, which is marinated in soy sauce, butterflied and grilled. And border city Mexicali is known for its abundant Chinese restaurants that incorporate Mexican flavors; Mexico City had its cafes de chinos.

In Peru, the cuisine of Chinese workers led to what are now classics of Peruvian cuisine and some of the country’s best known dishes, such as lomo saltado — beef that’s seasoned with soy sauce and stir-fried with tomatoes and onion; it’s tossed with french fries and served with aji amarillo sauce and rice.


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