Best French Restaurant 2022 | Le Bouchon Du Grove | Best Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Music and Stores in Miami


Le Bouchon Du Grove has been a hidden gem in the Cocowalk area since 1994. In an ever-changing city, this establishment has remained dedicated to challenging the misconceptions of French cuisine. Unfussy and devoid of attitude, this quaint bistro, inspired by the city of Lyon, serves food that’s hearty, authentic, and deeply flavorful. At once rustic and refined, the menu captures the flavors of France, whether at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Mornings bring takes on French omelets and raspberry pancakes, evenings feature traditional starters like escargot and French onion soup and entrées like the exquisite moules mainières pommes frites. For dessert any time of the day, try crème brûlée or chocolate mousse.


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