Bay Area Italian eatery Oliveto is finally closing this week


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Oliveto, a fixture of Oakland's Rockridge Market Hall, is closing after 35 years.

Oliveto, a fixture of Oakland’s Rockridge Market Hall, is closing after 35 years.

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After a false alarm late last year, Oliveto, the renowned Italian restaurant in Oakland’s Rockridge Market Hall, is now actually closing. The Bay Area institution’s last day will be Saturday, April 23, as first reported by the Mercury News

Co-owner Bob Klein confirmed the restaurant’s official date of closure to SFGATE, adding that new owners will be taking over the Rockridge space soon. However, he declined to share the name of the new business. 

After announcing Oliveto would be closing at the end of 2021, the restaurant temporarily reopened in January 2022, the San Francisco Chronicle reported at the time (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another).

“We agreed to reopen so our neighbors would have a place to go, and so this familiar corner space won’t be a void during its transition to new ownership,” read a post on Oliveto’s Facebook page explaining the decision.

Oliveto first opened in 1986, making a name for itself with its seasonal, local Italian cuisine. It was hugely influential in inspiring various other restaurants in the Bay Area, including Delfina, A16 and Flour + Water.  

“We’re tired,” Bob Klein told the Mercury News in late 2021 about the decision to close. “Running a restaurant these days is really difficult. The pandemic was really difficult. It’s time to retire.”


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