51 Best Zucchini Recipes


Of all the summer veggies, there’s one that stands out from the pack as far as recipe versatility is concerned—and that’s zucchini. This squash can be cooked in a myriad of different ways, is readily available all season long (not to mention affordable), and can be used for healthy meals or decadent pasta—whichever you prefer. Luckily we included lots of options for both below, in our list of 51 best zucchini recipes.

How to Cook Zucchini

Zucchini can be steamed for low-carb and keto-friendly side dishes, air fried for crunchy sticks, baked into gratins, casseroles, and quiche, and of course, sautéed. Then there are the ever-popular zucchini noodle dishes to try. You can either spiralize your own zoods at home or buy them ready to go at the store. Just make sure you add them at the end of whatever recipe you’re making—otherwise, they can tend to get a bit mushy. Raw zucchini can also be made into salads and soups, layered in lasagna and stuffed, or rolled for bite-size summer nibbles.

Best Zucchini Recipes

From zucchini pasta and bread to baked, stuffed, and fried zucchini, there are so many genius ways to use up that bounty of farm-fresh squash! For the kiddos, there are crispy zucchini fries and coins. There are also yummy cupcakes, muffins, and cake that sneak in some extra veggies without them knowing.

And for the grownups looking for a few fancified dinner party recipes, try Monterey Jack Turkey Burgers with Zucchini-Tomato Sauté, Hot and Spicy Zucchini Slaw, or Poached Shrimp with Zucchini Pesto Rotini Pasta. 

If you’re looking for low-carb, healthy, lightened-up zucchini recipes we have plenty of those in the form of veggie roll-ups, chilled soups, and obviously, oodles of zoodles.

Zucchini is also the best in boats! Simply carve out the seeds in the middle to make a little trough, then fill them up with cooked meat, cheese, and more veggies for easy, stress-free dinners.

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There you have it—the most mouthwatering recipes for summer when you have a lot of zucchini on hand. Browse through these easy ideas and don’t forget to pin your favorites!

Zucchini Fries

Zucchini plants are a great addition to any garden because they’re easy to grow and produce a big harvest of incredibly versatile squash. This recipe for baked zucchini fries is the perfect, kid-friendly way to use that bumper crop of zucchini this summer.

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Zucchini Carpaccio

This is the perfect no-cook picnic dish: zucchini carpaccio! The wonderful thing about the zucchini carpaccio is that there is zero cooking required and the most difficult part of the recipe is cutting the zucchini, which takes almost no time.

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Zucchini Lasagna Casserole

This recipe gets two thumbs-up not only for being gluten-free, but also for allowing you to keep your blood sugar in check. By replacing lasagna noodles with thin layers of sliced zucchini, the carbs stay low, but the flavor is still full and zesty.

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Black Bean and Grilled Zucchini Tostada with Annatto Sauce and Goat Cheese

Incorporating a hearty puree as a side dish, like this black bean agave puree, allows you to create a satisfying meal for the whole family. And don’t forget to make use of the grill! Thick, grilled veggies have so much texture and flavor that nobody misses the meat. Rub canola oil and chili powder on zucchini, olive oil and rosemary on eggplant, or homemade pesto on Roma tomatoes.

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Blueberry-Zucchini Bread

Both blueberries and zucchini are everywhere right now—for a great price too. Take advantage of this delicious summer bounty and make this recipe for Blueberry-Zucchini Bread.

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Veggie-rific Noodle-Free Lasagna

Thinly sliced zucchini, portabella mushroom, and eggplant are layered with tomatoes, Italian seasonings, soy crumbles, and a blend of three kinds of cheese. You won’t miss the noodles in this lightened-up, vegetarian take on lasagna.

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Chocolate-Zucchini Cake Recipe

At this point in the summer, gardens are booming with zucchini crop. Gifting to neighbors is a great idea. And utilizing it in your own kitchen is an even better idea. Zucchini is wonderful to be eaten in so many ways, including cake!

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Crispy Zucchini Coins

Delicious zucchini coins are a great recipe the whole family will love. They are simple, easy, and ideal for busy weeknight meals for your family.

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Bruschetta Zucchini Bites

Now is the perfect time to be using zucchini in tons of recipes. From zucchini carpaccio to zucchini noodles, July and August are when gardens are producing lots of great crops that are begging to be used in all of your recipes. Bruschetta zucchini bites are a great way to use up zucchini and have a fresh and delicious appetizer or lunch.

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Sweet and Sour Zucchini

This delicious dish is easy to make, is packed with vegetables, and is a great side at a small party. Just toss it all together, throw it in the fridge and forget about it until tomorrow.

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Hot and Spicy Zucchini Slaw

This light, easy slaw, from Chef Todd Richards’ cookbook Soul, is a zippy way to use big, end-of-season zucchini. Look for sambal oelek, a spicy Indonesian chile sauce, in the Asian foods aisle at the supermarket.

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Zucchini Primavera

Primavera is French for spring, and this recipe features baby spring vegetables. You can, however, make this any time of year using the adult versions of these veggies. Cut them small, and be careful not to overcook them.

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Vegetable Tian

Blogger Beth Moncel shares an inexpensive way to cook up a delicious, yet healthy vegetable side dish: Squash Tian.

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Cheesy Italian Zucchini Soup

This bright green soup is a creamy (but cream-less!) way to welcome spring, from PARADE Chef Jon Ashton. It comes together in less than 30 minutes and is perfect for a light dinner, served with crusty bread.

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Zucchini Tuna Boats

Lunches can get pretty boring if all you ever eat are leftovers, sandwiches, or takeout. Tuna can be overlooked for many reasons, not least of which is the memory of being forced to eat your mom’s tuna fish sandwiches every day as a youngster. These awesome zucchini boats not only reinvent tuna for lunch but also appeal to a wide crowd.

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